Your Covid-19 Questions Answered

This article was last updated on 6-29-2021

You may understandably have some questions about ordering from Mythic Gods Jewelry during the worldwide coronavirus outbreak. I’ll answer those questions here with the best info available to me. And I’ll try to keep this page updated any time public health authorities update their recommendations for what we all should be doing to keep safe.

You won’t catch Covid-19 from a package

The first big question you might have about ordering from us at this time is “Can I catch covid-19 from a package I get through the mail?” The answer to that is almost certainly no. Although the coronavirus that causes this illness can theoretically survive on surfaces, it doesn’t do well in the conditions that exist on cargo ships and planes that carry our packages from one place to another. Also, it will take several days or even weeks for a package to get from our manufacturer to you. This virus is extremely unlikely to survive that long. And as we’ve learned more about the virus experts have confirmed it is mainly transmitted via droplets through the air.

How to disinfect a package (just in case)

It’s still a good idea to wash your hands after handling the mail. (This might be a sanitary habit we should all get used to tbh.) And if you handle a lot of mail it may be sensible to wear gloves. If you’re really worried about coronavirus on your packages, experts say you can also take the extra precaution of wiping them with a disinfecting solution. The recommended solution is between 62%-71% ethanol alcohol but researchers say solutions with 0.5% hydrogen peroxide or 0.1% sodium hypochlorite are also effective.

Spray your package(s) with the solution, wait 5-6 minutes, then wipe it off. Be careful not to touch your face while handling packages, and wash your hands afterwards.

Online shopping is safer

Successful vaccination campaigns all over the world have worked to save millions of lives. But with the new variants on the rise it might still be safer for you to be shopping while sitting home at your computer than going out anywhere. The amount of risk you’re comfortable with is something you need to asses based on your own health, your living situation (whether you have any loved ones at home who might be at risk) and the rates of infection in your community. But we here at Mythic Gods Jewelry will always be here regardless to provide you with as safe and pleasurable of a shopping experience as we can, regardless of whether you NEED to be shopping online or just WANT to be doing so!

The biggest threat you face from shopping online isn’t from the package, it’s from the delivery person. Delivery drivers, like grocery store clerks, are part of the front line in the “war” against this disease; they necessarily come into contact with many people while doing their jobs. And we’re relying on them TO do their jobs so that we can stay home & stay safe (or at least safer).

So what can you do to help minimize your contact with delivery people? You can help protect yourself – and them – by taking simple steps like using your own pen to sign for packages. Skip the hug or handshake (even for kids) and go for a fistbump or bow. Give them a little extra space when they stop at your door. And consider using options like ‘Amazon Day Delivery’ that you might not have considered before to combine multiple orders into one shipment. This makes for less strain on the infrastructure as well as fewer potential contacts with the coronavirus for you.

Shipping times still somewhat volatile

There’s no sugarcoating the fact that shipping times have been negatively affected by this situation. Our normal shipping times run approximately 2-3 weeks for products that come from outside the USA, and 7-10 days for products sourced from inside the US. During this global event we’ve experienced everything from factory shutdowns to border blockades. Thankfully all that seems to have passed but the situation is still volatile enough that similar issues could still arise at any time.